Software providers offer solutions to texting & driving problem

We all know distracted driving is a growing problem. Among teens especially. Some researchers say that it has even eclipsed drunk driving fatalities among teenagers!
Most of us at one point or another have picked up our cell phones in the car. (I know I’m guilty of doing so) We think it’s OK to text, it’s only a couple seconds after all. Right? But if you think about it that’s all it takes to be involved in an accident. A couple seconds!

That’s why software provider ZoomSafer has announced the launch of a new hands-free service that enables voice-based access to text & e-mail.
The new VoiceMate service audibly alerts the driver when e-mail or text messages are received from prioritized contacts. By touching a single key on the phone, the driver can listen to, and accurately respond to, text and e-mail messages using just his or her voice.

Another company is offering a solution to texting and driving a that works a little differently, Safe Driving Systems LLC. has come up wit Key2SafeDriving. This program is available for general release for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian powered mobile phones. Key2SafeDriving uses easy to install handset software and a plug-and-forget Activator that installs in the the vehicle without tools, according to the company. It’s activated when the car starts, it automatically puts the mobile phone into safe driving mode, disabling its ability to send or receive calls or text messages. Incoming calls go directly to voicemail and incoming text messages are sent an automated reply indicating the recipient is driving and will respond later.

Both companies have a totally different approach with one thing in mind. DRIVER SAFETY.

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