State Farm Examines Toyota Claims…

State Farm said that it is considering legal action against Toyota, for auto claims that occurred due to defects that have been subject of a major recall of Toyota vehicles. Or what they call “Subrogation” which is basically reimbursement. What recall you ask, I’m sure we’ve all heard by now the defects regarding the accelerator pedals getting stuck. So now insurance companies are going to be reviewing claims involving Toyotas over the past 5 to 6 months to see how many are tied or could be tied to the gas pedal recall.

My question is; Do we as the consumer get reimbursed as well???
Think about it. If you own one of these vehicles and happen to have an accident that was caused by the factory defects. Say then that you’re found at fault. Your insurance rates go up, you pay your $500.00 deductible to the repair shop where your car was fixed and now you have a not so clean driving record. If that accident was due to a faulty gas pedal do you get your deductible back? Do your insurance rates go back down? And what about your driving record? What happens then?

If insurance companies are seeking for reimbursement, aren’t we entitled to that as well?

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